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                Modern research activities building and standardization workshop
                With professional skilled employees more than 300 people
                China 's plastics machinery industry out of the top 10 comprehensive strength ,Top 5 enterprises
                Zhangjiagang Plastic Machinery for nine consecutive years of foreign trade sales
                Products and services in 83 countries and regions around the globe
                OUR PRODUCTS
                Plastic Extrusion Machine
                Plastic Extrusion Production Line
                Washing And Recycling Production
                About BEIER Group
                By the company's philosophy "Quality is our foundation, Credibility is our faith, aspire for win-win ", team of BEIER have clear goal and dedicate to development of technology and quality. Now we are ranked as the top 5 plastic extrusion machinery corporation in China. the champion of exporting in Zhangjiagang for 9 years-in-a-row. BEIER Group have 4 main business sections:High efficiency, Energy saving European standard extrusion line; Plastic recycling & washing line ; Compounding & conveying system; European standardblow molding line

                OUR CUSTOMER
                Since 2003, above platforms was born 80 national patents, 30 of it are innovation patents. 50 patents for utility model, 30 authorized patents and provincial high & new technology accomplishment.
                California customers
                Recycling cleaning line
                California customers
                Recycling cleaning line
                INFORMATION CENTER
                BEIER Machinery
                ADD:Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone, the eastern side of Gangcheng street, Jiangsu Province, China